Zerlina Maxwell Checks White Reporter Shocked To Hear “Skee Wees” At Black Book Event


Zerlina Maxwell raised an amazing query this week—why are white reporters who don’t have any information of Black tradition allowed to cowl Black occasions? Seriously, we want solutions.

In case you missed it, a white reporter was to listen to the wave of “skee wees” when Kamala Harris talked about she’s a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. throughout a ebook occasion in Washington, D.C this previous Thursday. The Washington Post reporter, Chelsea Janes, tweeted (and deleted), “Members of her Howard sorority are within the room and screeched when she talked about her time there. Did not anticipate to listen to screeches right here,” BOSSIP studies. Not surprisingly, Black Twitter acquired in that *ss about her ignorance. Senior Director of Progressive Programming Zerlina Maxwell was additionally pissed off as a result of, as talked about earlier, why was Ms. Janes even in attendance?

Maxwell tweeted “The incontrovertible fact that the white reporter despatched to cowl her didn’t know what Skee Wee was just isn’t a great signal that the media goes to cowl her with the cultural competency required. And it IS a requirement!” See beneath.

Ms. Janes has , thanking those that identified her ignorance.

Quite frankly, the fixed “I didn’t imply it that manner” excuse is changing into annoying.

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