Zach Zoya Gives Shares his Inspirations, Struggles, and More – Interview

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Zach Zoya

Zach Zoya

Zach Zoya is an artist unconcerned with boundaries. Initially breaking onto the scene in early 2017 as what many would assume to be merely a rap artist, Zoya’s follow-up single, “Superficial”, provided a much darker RnB flavor to his character as an artist. In 2017 alone, it’s become clear that Zach Zoya is an artist confident enough to push himself in new directions. We had the chance to talk with Zoya briefly about who inspires him, his thoughts on social media, and more:

Who has been the biggest single influence on your music and how you perform your art?

Kendrick Lamar has definitely had a major influence on my style and the way I write. The intricacy of his rhyme schemes and his overall fluidity makes him the perfect teacher, in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on social media – when you realize people are falling in love with you, your sound?

I feel like social media is kind of a double-edged sword. In a way, it allows me to connect with my audience much more easily, and creates opportunities that otherwise would’ve been impossible. On the other hand, the whole thing seems to be designed to waste as much of your time as possible. I find myself losing days-worth of valuable time on Youtube, IG, Facebook, etc. It’s a tricky thing to balance, for sure.

When listening to ’Superficial’, we were very impressed. The songwriting and tones matches the instrumental so well! What made you want to do this record?

I don’t want to get into the details, but it’s about this girl I had a lil sum sum for.

You’ve probably seen some downs, and now you’re growing a lot as an artist, what would you say are the highs and low of an independent artist?

I don’t really feel like we’ve done much so far. Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed and lucky to be in the situation I’m in, but don’t think I’ve reached my key audience just yet.

If you had to pick though, what would be the high and low points you’ve experienced so far?

I’d say being on the road with the whole team was a very rewarding experience. It feels like you’re reaping what you sowed after working super hard, you know? On the other hand, my worst and darkest moments usually occur while I’m in creation mode. Coming up with a new concept for a track or just finding a new idea when you’re stuck can be agonizing. I usually have to isolate myself for a while and really get into my zone. The worst part is I might spend 3 days stuck on a bar, and then not even use it!

Do you admire anybody in particular? Is there anybody you’ve gained a new found respect for after meeting them?

Definitely! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of local artists in the last few months, and it helped me change my perspective. Particularly towards the rap Queb, which I didn’t, and still don’t know a lot about. I have this new-found respect for artists such as Koriass, Alaclair-ensemble, Dead-Obies, and others in the game. These guys basically paved the way for the new generation.