Young Jeezy Assigned 14 Of His Songs To NBA Stars


ESPN continues to invite some of the biggest names in hip-hop to their Bristol, Connecticut campus, and last week it was Jeezy’s turn.

In promotion of his eighth studio album, ‘Church In These Streets,’ he took part in ESPN’s ‘song-star’ challenge- assigning theme songs to 14 of the NBA’s biggest stars… and JR Smith.

For instance, Jeezy chose ‘Vacation’ for the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony because he says, “That’s a tough place to play for, he needs a break. He needs to get away.” 

We’re just thankful they didn’t ask Jeezy to sit down with Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless for another nauseating discussion about the Lakers’ playoff chances in the Western Conference. 

1. LeBron James

“Trapstar” — He’s the biggest star in The Association. Everybody knows his name. He’s that guy.

2. Kevin Durant

“Enough” — He’s on a great team (with great teammates) and he plays his heart out. The song is about if you grind hard enough you can make it. It’s time for him to break the glass ceiling and get a championship.

3. Carmelo Anthony

“Vacation” — He needs to get up out of NYC. That’s a tough place to play for, he needs a break. He needs to get away.

4. Russell Westbrook

“Get Ya Mind Right” — He’s relentless, he’s a fighter. He don’t quit.

5. Tim Duncan

“Seen It All” — Self-explanatory.

6. James Harden

“Who Dat” — He’s really making some noise on and off the court right now.

7. Stephen Curry

“R.I.P.” — Dead. That’s a wrap when he gets the ball in his hands, game over. His handles, he don’t play.

8. J.R. Smith

“Lose My Mind” — I don’t need to say anything.

9. Kobe Bryant

“I Love It” — He loves the game. His passion for the game is unmatched.

10. John Wall

“My Hood” — The hood love John and he loves them. He does it for his boys. He knows where he comes from and he is true to that.

11. Dwyane Wade

“Dope Boy Swag” — He’s got that swag. Wade is big into fashion and all that. He’s an original.

12. Paul Pierce

“Soul Survivor” — He’s been around for a long time. He’s no stranger to the game.

13. Jeff Teague

“Lean Wit It” — He hits them with the dab. He’s got it, reppin’ the ATL.

14. Chris Paul

“Put On” — He’s always bringing it every game. He goes hard. He’s also killin’ it and putting on in those State Farm commercials.


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