Yasiin Bey Shares Thoughts On ISIS & The Paris Attacks


Yasiin Bey shares an extensive interview in which he challenges the unnecessary violence in the world.

Friday’s great tragedy in Paris has found many artists sending out thoughts and prayers to the victims of the attack, but while most reactions have been limited to social media posts and hashtags, Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) has made an effort to share a little more of his outlook on the events that transpired.

After sharing “No Colonial Fiction,” a song that featured police brutality victim Tamir Rice on its cover, Yasiin took part in an interview with Ferrari Sheppard, speaking out on unnecessary violence in general, from rice to the most recent attacks. As a strong proponent of Islam, Bey stressed that ISIS does not reflect the values of the religion, at one point saying, “Fuck off ISIS”.

“Love must and will prevail,” he added later. “I don’t care how corny it sounds. The world has been in a state of emergency. The problem is not Islam [or] organized religion. The problem is people’s lack of compassion and care for themselves and their fellow human beings. We don’t treat each other well. We need to treat each other better.”

You can listen to the full conversation below.

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