Wolfgang Gartner & k?d – 'Banshee'

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Wolfgang Gartner & k?d - 'Banshee'

Wolfgang Gartner & k?d – ‘Banshee’

When producers “randomly” post a photo alongside another talented artist, fans realize that this act is ten not so coincidental. It’s always done with a specific purpose in mind.

Last week, Patrick Cybulski, better known as k?d, teased his fans by stating “new music coming soon” and removed the remainder the photo on his Instagram post, seen below.

Keeping the fool-pro publishing tactic in mind, k?d hinted that a new highly anticipated collaboration was about to drop.

Today the speculations are put to rest as the ‘‘ DJ has announced that he was teamed up with the electro-house superstar Wolfgang Gartner to unleash ‘Banshee‘.

Wolfgang Gartner & k?d - 'Banshee'

Striving together to create a fresh take on both their distinct sounds, the American duo did not disappoint and went above and beyond everyone’s expectations.

The groovy melodies blend beautifully into the hard-hitting gritty electro synths, delivering another electro-heavy finish. This is guaranteed to make their dedicated followers fall in love with their sound, once again.

Check Out The Hot Track Below: