Wipe Away Drake's Tears With New Mobile Game "Drizzy Tearz"


Drizzy Tearz is the next Angry Birds.

Drake has been a longtime staple of Big Ghost’s annual “Softest Rapper in the Game” awards, and though he is come a long way since his Take Care days — he is no longer the “Patron Saint of Tenderness” — his reputation as a softy still follows him.

Developer and all-around genius Ashten Winger has launched a new app called “Drizzy Tearz” that challenges you to wipe as many tears as possible as they fall down Champagne Papi’s face. Play solo in story mode, or play a friend in multiplayer mode. Here’s the official app description:

Drizzy is pouring his Tearz into the rap game and you must stop him before it’s TOO LATE! Tap the Tearz to stop him from crying and don’t let them reach the bottom of the screen! Don’t be the worst, beat your best score and your friend’s! Use headphones to amplify the experience, the soundtrack is awesome!

Stream the dope-ass soundtrack below and head here to download “Drizzy Tearz” and report back with your high score.


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