Who Was the Highest Paid Female Artist in 2015?


Who Was the Highest Paid Female Artist in 2015?

Image via Katy Perry on Facebook

Forbes released their annual list of the world’s highest-paid women in music today, and although Taylor Swift seems to be dominating this year, she actually didn’t top the list. Instead, Katy Perry ranked number one making a whopping $135 million this year, thanks mostly due to her Prismatic World Tour, during which she earned $2 million per city.

Swift did come in second with $80 million, Fleetwood Mac came in third with $59.5 million, Lady Gaga fourth with $59 million, and Beyoncé rounds out the top five with a casual $54.5 million.

Forbes’ list of highest earning male artists has not been released for 2015, yet, but looking at last year’s figures, the highest paid female artists are drawing in comparable sums to their male counterparts (apart from Dr. Dre, who was in his own league at $620 million), although a pay gap does exist. After Dre, last year’s highest paid males were The Eagles with $100 million, Bon Jovi with $82 million, and Bruce Springsteen with $81 million.

Check out Forbes’ full list here.