Who Invented Scrabble? Kanye West!


“Which American invented Scrabble?” Kanye West apparently.. @TeamKanyeDaily pic.twitter.com/1C6IeQPiFh

— harvey (@RV_Clare) November 18, 2015

Pick Me, a newly created game show that first aired in the UK last month, may have organically generated a quick clip that’s destined to go viral. When host Stephen Mulhern asked if the contestant knew who made the classic board game Scrabble, she landed on an unforeseeable answer: Mr. Kanye West. Her first guess, “Kim Kardashian’s husband,” drew a round of laughter from the crowd. Oh man, if only.

Watch the clip above for some Friday night amusement. Would “808s” count as a word if Yeezus invented Scrabble? The world will never know.

Alfred Mosher Butts, the true originator: