Watch TVXQ! Get Playfully Romantic in Breezy 'Love Line' Video

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A week after releasing their first post-hiatus album New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love, iconic K-pop duo TVXQ! dropped a new music video for their second single “Love Line” Monday (April 2).

With breezy percussion, subtle rhythmic strings, and smooth tropical synths to match the mellow vocals, “Love Line” follows the titular “The Chance of Love” to showcase a softer side of the pair. While the previous track and music video reveled in TVXQ!’s suave nature, the second lead song is all about the more sentimental, easy-going slant of the act.  

While there’s no straightforward plot to the blue-and-white-hued music video, it shows the two members of TVXQ! living in a futuristic, private island house with a single woman. The duo flirt their way around daily chores and leisure time with the help of some magic from her, and eventually take to the sky for a casual trip in a private jet.

Interspersed into the domestic moments are choreography-focused scenes that feature U-KNOW (Jung Yunho) and MAX (Shim Changmin), joined by a team of dancers, performing sweeping movements in time with the song as they charm the camera with winks and tender smiles.

Originally a quintet, TVXQ! has been together as a duo for nearly a decade now, ever since three members left the act in 2009. Throughout that time, MAX and U-KNOW have explored a variety of styles, but “Love Line,” also known as “Parallel Lines” in Korean, is divergent from the group’s prior identity in South Korea, where TVXQ! is primarily known as for dramatic, performance-based electro-pop and electro-swing singles.

In their fifteenth year together, opting to promote the track as a secondary single along with the jazzy “The Chance of Love” shows a new side to the duo’s continuously growing identity.