Watch The Ethno-Pop Band Kabìla’s Latest Music Video For The “Sun In The Rain”

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The Italian-Lebanese ethno-pop band has recently dropped the accompanying music video for the single “Sun In The Rain.” The video was shot in both Lebanon and Italy. The video tells the dire situation that the country is going through with the economic crisis, political collapse, and pandemic.

The video showcases the story of three characters: a working mother with her toddler, a soldier fighting on the border, and a homeless person. The video showcases the struggles that the three characters go through, where they eventually face them all.

While the majority of the song is sung in Arabic, the chorus is in English. Kabìla in “Sun In The Rain” combines both Western and Eastern instruments, leaving us with a rather addictive and inspiring tune. The video also presents the band performing in a temple-like place. The visuals were directed by Ibrahim Zeaiter and produced by Elio Zeaiter.
According to Ibrahim, the home that they filmed in, got destroyed due to the Beirut blast that occurred on August 4, 2020.

To watch the full video, click below: