WATCH: Cardi B Makes Pupusas, Ceviche & More

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Cardi B tries, well, everything. Be it her own hair care line, a new shoe collaboration, or a new doll, the female rapper isn’t afraid to dive into new ventures. Just this week, Cardi announced she is launching a “game-changing” Vodka-infused non-dairy whipped cream called Launch Whipshots. 

Her experimental approach to life and business is the premise behind her show Cardi Tries. In the latest episode, she tries her hand at cooking Latin American food. The episode is fresh from the kitchen in time for Hispanic Heritage Month and is with actor and model Indya Moore.

Cardi filmed the episode while still pregnant with her second child. She has since given birth to a boy whose name has yet to be released. In this episode you will see the music superstar head to La Casita Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles with chefs Jamie Martín Del Campo & Ramiro Arvizu. They teach Cardi and Indya traditional recipes with Mexican, Dominican, El Salvadorean, and Peruvian food notes. 

The two dish up Pupusas, Ceviche, and Chile en Nogada in the episode. Then, as you can see in this exclusive clip given to Remezcla, she serves it to singer Angélica María and actor Andrés Zuno. 

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