Watch Blink’s Latest Video ‘Wanna Party’

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Orlando-native rapper Blink (@thereal_b.l.i.n.k) released a brand new track ‘Wanna Party’ – a chill single that we should definitely explore. Who is not in the mood for partying? After a year of living in lockdown mode, we must admit it, we watched Blink’s video with a bit of jealousy, while he is seen bouncing in a club and wandering around with girls around a mall. ‘Wanna Party’ is a  creative piece, as the compendium ranges from hip-hop to Lofi at some point with its laid-back melody. Blink’s new release is a pretty elegant approach to hip-hop – his lyrics are classy and simple, yet not boring, as he drops some dope lyrical segments with golden rhymes from start to finish. Check it out below: