Washington Wizards Unveil New 'Baltimore Pride' Uniforms For Next Season


The Washington Wizards have jumped on board the ‘new uniform’ bandwagon for next season, revealing their ‘Baltimore Pride’ jerseys that will be worn in six games this upcoming season.

The red sleeved jerseys are a tribute to the uniforms that the Baltimore Bullets wore from 1969-73, though the color scheme has been updated to match their current red, white and blue.

The verdict is still out whether or not the Wizards faithful are really feeling the new alternates, but we’re already starting to see some backlash [What else is new.]

Other franchises who infuriated their fan bases with new uniforms this off-season include the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, but we don’t think these Wizards joints are as bad as those.

Kevin if you had to choose to play in the Cavaliers wonderful blue jerseys, or the Wizards Pajamas, which would you choose? @KDTrey5

— FearTheSword (@FearTheSword) September 30, 2015

They losing all 6. RT @Ananth_Pandian The Wizards will wear “Baltimore Pride” jerseys for 6 games this season pic.twitter.com/Sd3F9WUe8t

— Bae Sremmurd (@CiciBettaCCMe) September 30, 2015

These Are The Real Jerseys That The Wizards Need To Bring Back. pic.twitter.com/xSuSixSR2O

— Bill King (@LSB94_) September 30, 2015


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