Vivan Lal Releases His Debut EP Entitled, No Better Love

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Multi-talented and ambitious R&B/Hip-Hop artist Vivan Lal has just launched his highly anticipated debut EP, titled No Better Love. The EP is a collection of five beautifully written songs that fulfills the purpose to introduce the young talented artist into the music scene. Being of American Indian descent, the 20 year old artist has shown the world his passion, strength, and dedication to his craft with No Better Love.  


The inspiration that sprouts out of Vivan Lal stems from his most look-upped to musicians including Michael Jackson, Usher, Drake, and Chris Brown. Starting from his youth, Vivan Lal self-taught himself to sing and create music at the tender age of 10 years old. Today, he is on the rise with his contemporaries as he shows the world what his musical gift is made of. 


The 5 songs listed on Vivan Lal’s No Better Love have the ability to inspire each person who indulges in it, feeding the listener with pure feelings of love and happiness. The lyrical brilliancy on each track is unique on its own but comes together under one underlying condition, and that is LOVE! Check it out yourself below!