Video of Tattoo Shawty beating Ayoo KD so bad he is crying for help –

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Popular Chicago rapper Ayoo KD fro some reason is always getting beat up it seems like. Today we got our hands on video footage which shows Tattoo Shawty another popular Chicago rapper beating Ayoo KD so bad that his crying for help. Tattoo Shawty reportedly wanted a rematch after Ayoo KD was bitting him last time they fought. In the video you can hear Ayoo KD screaming like a little girl, while Tattoo Shawty is punching on him.

Check the videos below and tell us what you think. Should Ayoo KD just stop rapping I mean this is like the 5th time he got his ass beaten. What you all think?

Video of Tattoo Shawty making Ayoo KD cry:

This Nigga @ayookd1 Bit The Fuck Out Of Me ???‍♂️?

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