Vallyre Released A New Empowering Track Titled “Dynamite”

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After releasing her motivational and empowering track, “Bloodsweat,” released in 2020, the talented Boston, Massachusetts-based pop/dance artist Vallyre recently dropped its perfect follow-up. The new single titled “Dynamite” follows-through on the theme of female empowerment and resembles its predecessor’s vivid creativity and energy. Positivity pours out of anything that the multi-talented Vallyre does. Her personal approach to music, the themes that inspire her, and her radio-ready productions will remind you of the genre’s powerhouse hits from renowned artists such as Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars. Impressively enough, her voice surpasses the challenges the artist sets for herself and does magic. 

Vallyre was passionate about music since childhood when she was taking singing lessons at the acclaimed TrueVoice NYC Academy. Later, she continues following her path as a rising artist by taking voice lessons at Iron Work Studios. We can’t wait to see what one of the most promising, multidimensional pop artists out there has in store for us next. Meanwhile, you can enjoy her latest release, “Dynamite,” below: