Utopian Rock Duo Blakk Mantra Drop Latest Single “Queen Of Infinite Space” Off Newly Released EP Welcome To El Rey Blvd

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Utopian rock duo Blakk Mantra drop their latest single, “Queen Of Infinite Space,” a track off their newly released EP Welcome To El Rey Blvd. The two-piece alternative rock band from Denver, Colorado showcase their unique penchant for innovative rock soundscapes on this new song, one that beautifully aligns with their previous works, this time pushing the boundaries a little further than they have ever had. Johnny Noble and Amber Alexander are the architects behind these feel-good and fuzzed out bass lines, and the fascinating EP Welcome To El Rey Blvd, inspired by a 50’s crime novel where the kingdom of El Rey is somewhat of a surreal paradise, will blow your minds away.

“Queen Of Infinite Space” is a high-energy and uplifting song that distills some top notch poetry and storytelling abilities, filled with messages of hope, empowerment, and love. In tune with the times, Blakk Mantra have found their lane, and confidently continue their journey towards creating deeply personal and meaningful music, so we hope you enjoy this new song!