Untamed305 Releases ‘Thrasher’ Feat. Spliffah


Coming off his highly-praised debut EP First Day Of Summer, Untamed305 is back stronger than ever on his latest single, ‘Thrasher’, featuring skilled urban artist Spliffah. Audiences have been anticipating Untamed305’s next move, and they won’t be disappointed after the long wait. “Thrasher” finds him at his most dynamic and inspiring, and while that’s not out of the ordinary for the young Hip-Hop artist, he delivers even smoother flows than anything we’ve seen before, continuing to inspire himself from, and enrich the skateboard culture he belongs to.

Striving to offer a different approach in his music, meticulously crafting each verse he delivers, Untamed305’s restless imagination and power seem to have come to a striking Hip-Hop maturation, probably announcing the beginning of a new era, one where he will reach large audiences across the country and beyond following this release.

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