Twitter Is Frying The Breakfast Club After Eye-Rolling “Interview” With Russell Simmons

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The Breakfast Club is on a roll when it comes to giving platforms to people undeserving of them.

Moooorrrniiiinnnnggg everybody, Twitter is once again rolling their eyes at , DJ Envy, and Angela Yee after another headass decision on their part. Folks asked how they could follow up their ridiculousness after interviewing racist conspiracy theorists ? The Breakfast Club told listeners to hold their beers and decided to give the runaway accused ual predator Russell Simmons a platform.

The trio interviewed Simmons Wednesday morning (June 10), allowing him to address the . Of course, he just spewed hot air, saying he is only guilty of being a creepy womanizer, brought up the movie How To Be A Player, and based his innocence on lie detector tests he took.

“I’m guilty of having underwritten, supported, made soundtracks for, taken advantage of, and lived in a grossly unjust society…I made the movie How to Be A Player. Bill Bellamy played me. So I know what I’m guilty of. I’ve been unconscious as a playboy. So today, the title is appropriate. Womanizer. I’m guilty of that. And back then, I thought it was a game…There were no Black actresses that I didn’t date. But they’re my friends today. I went out every night and looked for new girls to date. These are my friends today, and they don’t have the experience that the movie makes me to be.

I could never say that someone doesn’t feel victimized. These stories are 20-30 years old. I can say that I don’t feel that I victimized them. How can I say that? I took three 9-hour lie detector tests.”


There was barely any pushback from the radio hosts, but Envy did ask what Simmons would tell his daughters who have come to the defense of their dad despite him looking guilty as f**k.

He replied:

“I want my daughters to have proper boundaries because toxic femininity is when one may not put up those boundaries and may regret it later. I want my daughters to know how to say no, put up boundaries, …and be leaders.”

As expected, Twitter was not here for the interview and dragged the morning show for once again wasting people’s time and allowing someone who doesn’t deserve a large platform to spew utter nonsense. You can peep all the reactions below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz