Try As You Might, There’s No Denying Spring’s Chunky, Clunky Boots

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Of all the beautiful shoes we could wax poetic about, clunky, chunky platform boots are capturing our attention right now. The severe platform—thick enough for splashing around in rain puddles—may not have immediate appeal, but fashion has a way of making us want the unexpected.

It took some time before my own eyes could slowly grow accustomed to them. Iterations of the pumped-up rubber sole appeared in high fashion around five years ago (on designer sneakers from Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Acne) and now the style is skimming the bottoms of all the best boots this season. At the most recent shows in Milan, hefty stompers were all the rage among the street style set, and a standout pair appeared in Brunello Cucinelli’s latest presentation, which added a nice bit of contrast to the label’s collection of joggers and knits.

I’d even go so far as to say that these are boots that go with just about everything, from ultra-miniskirts to gauzy dresses. Life is all about balance, right? Having more fun getting dressed is something we can all look forward to this spring. To get the ball rolling, we’ve gathered 15 chunky platform boots to stomp around in this spring.