Tours: Svetlanas (Europe)

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Svetlanas have introduced a European tour that scheduled to start out in February. The band final launched This Is Moscow Not LA in 2017. You can see the checklist of exhibits beneath.

Date City Venue
09.02.2019 Cesena Vidia Club (Italy)
22.02.2019 Udine tba (Italy)
23.02.2019 Padova Grindhouse Club (Italy)
02.03.2019 Savigliano (Cuneo) Circolo Arci Mezcal (Italy)
08.03.2019 Roma Traffic (Italy)
09.03.2019 Pescara Circolo Scumm (Italy)
16.03.2019 Krakow Punk Fest (Poland)
11.04.2019 Augsburg City Club (Germany)
12.04.2019 Groningen Club LOLA (Netherlands)
13.04.2019 Kiel Schaubude (Germany)
14.04.2019 Berlin Punk & Disorderly Festival (Germany)
30.04.2019 Weinheim Cafe Central (Germany)
01.05.2019 Norwich Waterfront (United Kingdom)
02.05.2019 Newcastle Think Tank (United Kingdom)
04.05.2019 Manchester 0161 Festival (United Kingdom)
05.05.2019 London New Cross Inn (United Kingdom)
06.05.2019 Brighton hope and destroy (United Kingdom)
07.05.2019 Paris tba (France)
08.05.2019 Nantes Scene Michelet (France)
11.05.2019 Montbeliard Atelier des Moles (France)
12.05.2019 Marseilles Molotov (France)
01.08.2019 to 04.08.2019 Blackpool Rebellion Punk Music Festival (United Kingdom)