Top A-List Hollywood Marketer Anthony Katz Shares His Key Strategies For Phenomenal Success

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Billboard Magazine once called him a master in music marketer. He’s now the genius of music marketing. Story picked from Yahoo! News in parts.

We often think about what goes on behind the scenes that contributes to a meteoric rise of a artist or band. Who are the ones running the real marketing campaigns of all top Hollywood talent today, and how are they conducting their own practices and their lives to help creative talent reach such amazing levels of success?

Many say marketing is Bs. It’s really not. In today’s digital world, if you get your message across, communicate, you can build a fanbase and sell a product.

This week, I had the chance to explore that very question. I was excited to catch up with Anthony Katz – founder and CEO of MusicPromoToday aka MPT Agency, iNexxus and many other companies. Anthony Katz, known to be one of the most highly respected talent marketing representatives in the business. His past campaign successes include acts from American Idol, Americas Got Talent, Swizz Beatz, Universal Music Group, Warner Music and many more.

Anthony Katz knows quite a lot about marketing stars from the very beginning. – The Source Magazine (2020)

His first client in music was Warner Music. A viral campaign for Masspike Miles, an act that later generated a lot of hype and signed to Maybach Music Group, Rick Ross. Guess what. This was over 10 years ago. Fast forwarded to 2020.

Since then, he has promoted music videos and singles of Drake, Lil Wayne, Birdman, J Lo, Beyonce, Jay Z and the list goes on. If he’s not hired by the artist, Anthony Katz says he is dealing with the record label or the writer of the record, the producer, the studio, the manager.

In addition to his role as a music marketer, Katz has also runs marketing campaigns Fortunes 100 and brands like Ford, Philips, Corona, Sony and many more.

On top of his impressive professional resume, he’s a graduate in Computer Sciences and marketing.. giving him a very unique background in the industry.

I caught up with Anthony Katz to discuss his background, strategies for success and key lessons in working with some of Hollywood’s top talent today. He’res a few tips Anthony Katz himself.

1- Believe. Dream.

Anthony Katz says: I was raised to believe I could achieve any of my dreams if I worked hard and took advantage of opportunities.

2- Create Your Own Motivation.

 I was just always highly motivated and driven when it came to the internet. I was curious to learn everything.

 I’ve always had a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity from when I was young until now when it comes to marketing stuff online. – Anthony Katz

3- Learn To Be Grateful

Try to focus on work when you are working, 100%. When you’re with family, it’s family time. Being laser focused allows you to do a great job all the time, everywhere you are, with anyone you are. Life is more than being successful at work. Take care of your loved ones, be grateful for everything that’s given to you.

4- Give your best shot.

When you’re asked to do something, give your best shot. Become indispensable. Make sure you’re always having fun. Whatever the project is!

5- Give Back

This is a bedrock requirement to achieve success. It’s more important to build legacy over just wealth. Give back, teach the new generation, educate and document your “journey”. Situations evolve, don’t wait to reach the finish line, the “end goal” you have, to start giving back. Instead, give back all the time.

As one of not only Hollywood’s but also North America’s most successful music marketers and serial entrepreneurs, Anthony Katz continues to help chart the careers of signed and independent artists. In the process he’s learned how to build a big, satisfying career—for them, and for himself. Follow Anthony Katz on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with his new ambitions, ventures and preaching.