Tom DeLonge Announces New UFO Book in His 'Sekret Machines' Series

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While his former bandmates plan to spend the bulk of their year partying away in Las Vegas, Tom DeLonge continues to explore the vast reaches of the universe in search of answers. Some of those answers might arrive in the form of a new novel in his ongoing Sekret Machines series.

DeLonge has just announced Sekret Machines: Book 2: A Fire Within, the second Sekret Machines novel he penned in collaboration with author and professor A.J. Hartley.

Though the book is technically fiction, it’s one part of DeLonge’s ongoing efforts to spread awareness about the paranormal phenomena that he’s researching in real life through his To the Stars… Academy.

“One of the largest areas of study when dealing with the UFO phenomenon is consciousness and the human mind,” he said in a press statement. “A.J. was able to weave that into the storyline with a tapestry of information never before released. He’s providing us with an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the greatest story never told.”

Book 1 focused primarily on the machines themselves – hardware, if you like – but in the second installment of the series we push the story into the gray areas between the normal and the paranormal in more clearly human terms, exploring the idea that as technology might make exponential evolutionary progress, so might people themselves,” Hartley added. “The result continues the story of the first novel, picking up pretty much where it left off, but shifts the tonality of the narrative into new territory, new adventures and new sekrets.”

Sekret Machines: Book 2: A Fire Within will be available on September 18.