To All our Reggaetón Fans, Check Out Claudio Matta’s “Que Puedan Volar”

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The Colombian reggaetón artist, Claudio Matta is expanding his horizons with  “Que Puedan Volar.”

Each guitar riff of “Que Puedan Volar” mixes with Claudio’s vocals and the pillowed beats creating this beautiful soundscape. Aside from the technical part, the project also has a music video filled with vibey scenes and shots. 

Claudio Matta is an uncompromisingly expressive artist with an unapologetic edge as he knows how to add his emotions to his projects. Although he is still new to the scene, Matta already has a bunch of projects under his belt including, “Sol,” “Luna,” Ven,” among many others. 

The music video of  “Que Puedan Volar ” is on the way to reach 13 million views on YouTube. Check it out below:

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