The 6 Best Announcements From Google’s Annual I/O 2018

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Google’s 2018 I/O keynote is in the books, led by CEO Sundar Pichai, the tech giant rolled out one big announcement after another. AI was the central theme of the annual event,  Android users can look forward to a new flashy update, Google Assistant gets a great voice and smart ability, Google Photos makes editing and sorting easier Maps is getting better, and Gmail is introducing a new feature that will make sending an email even easier. 

Google Maps

Google Maps is already one of the tech companies most significant achievements over the years. Yesterday’s announcements of a new augmented reality Street View mode on top of personal recommendations to help you discover new spots in your neighborhood aim to make the app even better.

If you’re an avid Google Maps user, as accurate as the app is, it can be a challenge sometimes to follow the directions. The new AR feature aims to eliminate that problem by utilizing your smartphone’s camera to overlay directions into the real world to help you figure out which way to go. What makes this new update impressive is that Google promised this feature with their wearable tech Google Glass, but it will now live on phones without having to wear a headset.

AR comes to Google Maps. #GoogleIO

— Product Hunt (@ProductHunt) May 8, 2018

Maps will also be getting a new tab called “For You” that will be the home for recommendations the app the tailored just for you. A new system called “match number” will generate a score that is based on how much it thinks you will like the recommended choice based on past decisions and likes. The app will also save your food preferences giving it the ability to narrow down your selections.

Looks like date night finna be a breeze thanks to the new updates slated for a summer release.

Photos: Justin Sullivan / Getty


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