Tana Mongeau Shows Off Major Underboob On A Yacht Date With Her Boyfriend

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There is no stronger Tana Mongeau than a Tana Mongeau that’s bikini clad, tanning her underboob in the Miami sun. This is when Tana is at her most powerful.

Luckily for her followers, that’s exactly where the YouTuber is right now. Tana touched down in Florida with her boyfriend Chris Miles and their whole crew, then immediately headed for a boujee a** yacht.

Obviously, Tana pulled out a hot-as-hell look for the nautical party. Her little black crop top had a trendy underboob cut-out that showed off alllll the goods. Ya girl looked… I would say ‘hot,’ but that doesn’t really do this outfit justice.

tana mongeau underboob bikini


tana mongeau black thong bikini


*Struggles to regain speech.* Okay, so um yeah!

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