Sumen Shows A Fresh Approach Towards Rock, Blues, And Rockabilly On His Latest Releases

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If you haven’t heard Sumen’s latest release, a multi-genre collection of tracks, you need to catch up asap!  It’s time for some blues-rock tunes as the talented musician started his solo project in 2019 after separating from the rock and roll band, The HIGrounds that he had founded back in 2016.
Producing and writing all of his music by himself, Sumen created a mesmerizing collection of 6 songs which is Sumen’s wanderlust for inner peace and desire to find his own voice.

Sumen’s musical heritage along with his style are sitting at the intersection of rock and roll, blues, and pop, allowing him to create music representing a perfect combination of different elements with pure excellence.

This astonishing collection of songs with mid-tempo moods layered with guitars, synths, and background vocals following vintage style which included driving guitar parts along with harmonies, and even the great cowbell will definitely bring to Sumen millions of listeners on the streaming platforms as well as public recognition and huge stages in the near future.

And while all of the songs found in the collection are equally pleasing, we strongly advise you to check out the music video for the rock dance song titled  “Hold Me, Love Me.”