Stephon Marbury's $15 'Starbury' Sneakers Are Making A Return


As if the return of Latrell Sprewell’s Dada Supreme Spinners wasn’t enough, Stephon Marbury’s ‘Starbury’ sneakers will also be returning to retailers.

Al Harrington’s ‘The Protege’ has to be on deck, right? 

For those who might’ve forgot, the $15 ‘Starbury’ shoes were around until about 2009, and now that Marbury is creating a cult-like following playing ball in China, he’s looking to bring back the inexpensive kicks.

Everyone knew somebody who had a pair of Starbury’s back in the day and after two or three days of playing full court their feet were begging for mercy. That shouldn’t deter his super fans in China from copping multiple ‘flavors’ though.

According to Marbury’s IG account, the Starbury is ‘coming soon’ although he didn’t give a specific release date or pricing information. 

What a time to be alive.

#starburyFlavors COMING SOON

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