Spotify Is Introducing It's New Auto DJ Feature

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Spotify Is Introducing It's New Auto DJ Feature
The Future is now.

We all know that being a DJ is not an easy task. Choosing the right songs and mixing them at the perfect moment requires some experience and patience and it could be at least challenging, not to mention the handcrafted art smoothly blending two different tunes into one single beat. However, as today, Spotify has introduced a new magic tool that promises to do all these things by itself: let us introduce you to Spotify’s Auto-DJ.

What? How? Simple. Currently available on Spotify Desktop only, enabling this new functionality allows the user to hear a mix songs made solely by Spotify. By selecting the best combination tracks, the Auto-DJ will determine when it’s best to bring the new track (usually about 16 beats before it kicks in), and how to fade out the previous song accordingly. The new song will usually come in right before a major phrase drops, and its volume will increment slowly.

Since the feature is quite new, for now, you can only listen to it at a Drum ‘n’ Bass playlist that you can find here. One good point is that the transitions are not predetermined: even if the shuffle mode is on, the Auto-DJ will work just fine.

Spotify is taking the listening experience above and beyond expectations. Less than a week ago, the online streaming music company commemorated International Women’s day by presenting the Smirnf Equalizer, a tool that shows the user a breakdown their listening habits by gender, to then propose more balanced playlists.

With Artificial Intelligence taking over the mixing, does this mean that soon we’ll have robots headlining at a festival? Just in case, be prepared and get your futuristic outfit ready for your next rave.