Spirit Animal Announces Atlantic Signing, Debuts First Exclusive

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Today (May 11), Brooklyn-based rock group Spirit Animal announces their signing to Atlantic Records, and they are marking the occasion with a video for their latest single, “YEAH!”

The song offers a glimpse at the myriad of skills the band has to offer as it shifts from heavy distortion guitar riffs to the accessible electronic pop elements to the trap-like back beat and finger snaps in the verses. The lyrics match the abundant originality with a hodgepodge of pop culture references that include couplets name-dropping Marvin Gaye and Michael Bay, while the video — directed by Dan Kennedy — takes it a step further with simulation motif.  

“The modern world is disorienting. It attacks you with information,” lead vocalist Steve Cooper tells Billboard. “We wanted to capture what it all looks like, not only inside the ‘simulation’ but on the surface; how weathering these daily macro-concerns feels.”

Despite the skeptical slant, “YEAH!” comes off as more celebratory than conspiratorial when paired with the band’s exuberance. With news of their Atlantic deal, there’s plenty to shout about.

Spirit Animal is currently on tour through June. Ticket information can be found at their website here.

Check out the video for “YEAH!” below.