Song You Need to Know: Jaudy and Brray, 'Medusa'

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Love is war in “Medusa,” the latest single from the Dominican rapper Jaudy and the Puerto Rican MC Brray.

Medusa, an infamous character in Greek mythology, is a monster with snakes for hair; anyone who caught a glimpse of her face was instantly turned to stone. Jaudy and Brray seem happily, if hopelessly, entangled with a partner that they claim is even more dangerous. “I didn’t believe the Greek mythology,” one rapper says in Spanish, “but Medusa doesn’t even compare.”

This sounds menacing and potentially life-threatening, but the boys appear perfectly content to be turned to stone, reeling off lines like “I love her even though I know she uses me” and “I traded my soul for pleasure, I don’t regret it.” The chugging “Medusa” beat, all bludgeoning bass and needling hi-hats, was produced by Rewire.

Jaudy specializes in trap at a time when many of his countrymen are racking up streams with driving, uptempo dembow. His 2019 single “Si Mañana Me Muero” was both triumphant and gloomy: “If I die tomorrow,” Jaudy rapped, “remember that I did it from scratch.” “Si Mañana Me Muero” became a hit in the Dominican Republic last year, amassing nearly six million views on YouTube without the backing of a major label.

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