Smokepurpp explains why he almost beat down producer Saif who claims he stole beat from him –

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SmokePurpp was recently at SXSW and a situation with a producer seemed to boil over. The producer claimed that Smokepurpp stole a beat from him and $2,000 dollars. The producers name is Saif and he claims he spoke to Smokepurpp on his verified twitter account. Smokepurpp claims his twitter was hacked and he sent that money to a scammer.

In the video Smokepurpp said “First all, a verse from me is $25,000, I don’t know –$2,000 won’t even get you ad-libs,” Purpp said after detailing what hackers did to lock him out his account at the time.

“This ni**a comes up to me like, ‘Yo, Purpp, I just wanna apologize for all that,’” Purpp said. “This ni**a comes up to me as I’m outside, talking about, ‘Purpp, I’m so sorry bro. I don’t want no beef. I’m so sorry bro. It was all a misunderstanding.’”

Video Purpp and producer beefing

Purpp explaining why he was going to beat him down

This is exactly what happened

— beats by saif ? (@saifk) March 19, 2018

Yo I asked smokepurpp about my $2000 I sent him down here at SXSW. He got mad and said what he "should've did" but ain't do shit!

"That's #beatsbysaif" – smokepurpp ?

— beats by saif ? (@saifk) March 18, 2018

U a bitch. Period. Keep the money.

— beats by saif ? (@saifk) March 18, 2018

For everyone saying I'm lying about lyrical lemonade. First all y'all don't know what happens behind the scenes. 2nd they called me a few hours before the event and said they were gonna let me perform. Everything was last minute. Stop acting like y'all know everything

— beats by saif ? (@saifk) March 19, 2018


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