Slip Into Something More Comfortable—Like Any One of These Casual Dresses

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Photographed by Jody Rogac, Vogue, January 2021

A year into the pandemic, we’re well-versed in comfy clothes—casual dresses, knitwear, sleeping bag shoes. Dressing down and prioritizing comfort each day has given us some semblance of normalcy in these uncertain times. But it seems the time has come: we’re ready to dress up again. While most going-out clothes have been rendered useless over the past year, casual dresses have become the at-home staple that meets somewhere in the middle of tried-and-true sweatsuits and clothes too fancy for days spent at home.

The ease and polish that comes with wearing casual dresses are hard to match— throw one on and you’re instantly styled. Even pants people can rejoice in a simple alternative that helps them feel put together instantaneously. While cozy knit dresses have been our go-tos throughout the winter months, our attention is turning towards breezy, sweet spring dresses that you can wear at home all day without any fuss or when you venture outside, which will hopefully be more often.

Here, shop the casual dresses perfect for spring 2021, when we can start to venture out into the world again.