Slim 1200 Tops Rap Lists With New Single ‘TIK TOK’

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As much as you might think about a popular app while hearing about this song, ‘TIK TOK’ by Slim 1200 is not about recording short videos and dancing. The new rap banger that tops rap lists is all about everything you want to have, but that you probably don’t. 

Money, cars, gold, girls, drugs, fast life, and the feeling of time stopping while having dope days. Slim 1200 doesn’t rap about anything we have not heard before – Lil Wayne teaches us how he spends his guap, and A$AP Rocky educates the homies on how to put their style together.  

But even though Slim 1200 brags about his life, the song is more than any shallow Braggadocio we can find on Spotify. The Louisiana-based musician makes the song sounds fierce and savage, as he slays the beat, and kills the mic with his sharp flow and well-planned lyrics that swim over the beat smoothly, and touch the hook when the punchline happens. Overall, good start Slim, we are waiting for more!