Singer-Songwriter Traveller Blends Pop-Rock With A Powerful Message On New Song “Virus Going Round”

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Singer-songwriter Traveller has just dropped his new track titled “Virus Going Round,” a beautiful ballad he imagined to help elevate people’s spirit during the lockdown, amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. Traveller has been compared to Bob Dylan for the poetry of his lyrics and for the style of music he creates, ranging between folk, rock, and pop. After “Pieces Of Zurich,” released earlier this year, “Virus Going Round” is a major song set to spark mass appeal among connoisseurs of the genre but also among mainstream listeners. 

Traveller started writing songs after listening to Cat Steven’s fourth studio album, Tea For The Tillerman, a listening experience that changed his life. His heartfelt and meaningful lyrics are beautifully highlighted by the melodicity found in his music, and after listening to “Virus Going Round,”we can’t wait to hear his next release already!