Sinclair Broadcast Group Weaponizing News Anchors For Trump’s Ongoing Battle With Reality

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In Trump’s America, politics have become more tribal than ever before. Both parties are guilty of it but one side is far worse than the other. The Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest local TV owner is under fire for using it’s news anchors as weapons in Trump’s ongoing battle against the “fake news networks” by using them to regurgitate a promo full of Trumplike talking points.

You know Agent Orange had to chime in and even expressed his gratitude towards Sinclair the only way he knows how… A tweet.

Now, this revelation about the Sinclair Group isn’t new, in fact, CNN Money reported on the promos last month, the outrage picked up speed when a disturbing video of multiple news outlets forcing anchors to spew out the promo full of Trumpian messages was edited together by Deadspin.

Outright nuts, some of the anchors actually looked like they were being held hostage honestly.

Nine months ago, John Oliver pointed out the insanity going on with the broadcast company on his show Last Week Tonight.

The scripted promo is raising tension among journalists who work for the Sinclair Company, one investigative reporter on the condition of anonymity told CNN Money:  “It sickens me the way this company is encroaching upon trusted news brands in rural markets,”. Along with that reporter, other Sinclair employees in other markets are describing heated conversations are taking place in newsrooms and anger towards company’s headquarters.

It’s fear mongering and conservative-leaning approach is ridiculously obvious with “must runs” which are stories local producers are told to run during their newscasts. There is also the “Terrorism Alert Desk” which is recurring segment and the top it all off the companies hiring of Boris Epshteyn who served as Trump’s campaign advisor for a “Pro-Trump” segment that is also a “must run”.

Employees are letting their displeasure with being used to help advance the companies agenda and speaking anonymously at the fear of losing their jobs.

Sinclair’s conservative views are a subject of discussion and is a factor as the company is looking to expand by purchasing Tribune Media which is currently under review by federal regulators. Don’t be surprised if this acquisition is approved though.

It’s understandable to have networks that cater more to your political views like MSNBC, CNN or Fox News. BUT your local news should be free of this extreme partisan behavior and is important when it comes to getting local stories that wouldn’t immediately get attention on major news networks.