Shantonio Releases Brilliant Summer Anthem “Summer Baby”

  • 5022

Rapper and songwriter Shantonio Lamar Graham, better known as Shantonio, just released his latest song titled “Summer Baby”. The fast-emerging artist got inspired by the Covid-19 crisis and the obligation for confinement, to release a song that will play everywhere once the restrictions are lifted and life returns to its normal state. Filled with sensuality, warmth, and even sexual references, “Summer Baby” is well set to become one of the main anthems of this summer, so much it drips positivity and fun from start to finish. 

Shantonio was inspired by his older brother to begin his journey in music, but officially started taking music seriously while serving in the United States Marine Corps. “Summer Baby” will undoubtedly put his name on the map and build a solid fan base from which to propel himself into new dimensions this year.