Sephora Is Shutting Down Stores June 5 For Diversity Training After SZA Incident

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Sephora is pledging to correct a mistake a store employee made at one of its locations after SZA claimed she was and accused of stealing. The matter got enough national attention that Sephora will shut down 400 of its stores this Wednesday (June 5) for diversity training.

Back in April, SZA detailed Twitter that a Sephora employee by the name of Sandy put the press on her and accused the TDE songstress of stealing while she attempted to purchase some Fenty products. While SZA didn’t make a large stink about it beyond a pair of tweets, the incident caught Rihanna’s eye, who with a short note.

Sephora has taken notice of the exchange between the two stars and a video posted a couple weeks ago, the company will host a diversity training in order to address matters such as the one SZA faced. Similar moves have been made by corporate giants such as Starbucks in times past in handling these types of explosive moments so hopefully, this has the desired effect.

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