Seekay Talks Depression And Suicide On New Track ”Fall” FT Chloe

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Every now then, in the flow of new releases, we come across a song or an artist that truly moves our core. That is the case with Seekay’s latest release, “Fall” a track that follows shortly on his previously released single “Hold” featuring Chloe. Once again, and probably thanks to the success they acquired with “Hold,” Seekay and Chloe are collaborating again, this time on a very personal song to Seekay, “Fall.” The story behind “Fall” is that of Seekay’s friend passing away due to depression, and this experience came as a shocking one for the artist who, until this day, misses his friend every day. Following these events, seekay took some years to be able to finally write his thoughts down about the matter, and decide to release a song that would warn the crowds about the dangerous consequences of depression, if not taken seriously. Seekay tells everyone to make sure to ask for help, whether from professionals, friends, or family, but to not let it slowly destroy someone’s life. As usual with Seekay, he delivers his message over an otherworldly soundscape and through Chloe’s hypnotic vocals.