Rome Fortune Tweets Album Release Date & Title


Rome Fortune’s album will drop at the end of February.

Rome Fortune is signed to Fool’s Gold Records, and has been teasing his next album since he released the Kaytranada produced single back in October of 2015. However, the album didn’t have a concrete release date until today.

Rome Fortune jumped on Twitter this afternoon to announce the official album title and release date. Keeping with the short marketing cycles of today’s music industry, Jerome Raheem Fortune will be releasing on February 26, 2016.


Jerome Raheem Fortune February 26, 2016. via @FoolsGoldRecs

— JeromeRaheemFortune (@romefortune) January 21, 2016

Fortune is clearly in a great mood, either due to the announcement or something else. He’s been retweeting and responding to fans all afternoon, showing love for people who show the same to him. It’s cool to see an artist keeping such a close relationship with his fans, when the day’s norm is to keep interaction to a minimum.

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