Resident Advisor On Event Refunds: Please, Skip 'Em

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Resident Advisor issued a statement today that brings a powerful light to how detrimental the current coronavirus pandemic is to the music industry. To sum it up: skip the refunds for cancelled events. Support the promoters who will struggle to stay afloat. You can get a refund for many events, but they ask that you consider refraining from doing so instead.

In RA’s own words:

In these extraordinary circumstances, we are asking those who can afford it to not request a refund for cancelled events. The money will go to the promoters who organised the event, which will help keep our scene afloat. Promoters are an essential part of club culture—they bring in the artists you see every weekend. They generally work with narrow margins, and many are only a few bad parties away from going under. By not claiming a refund, you’re making a donation to help save our scene. We’d like to reiterate: you should only consider forgoing your refund if you’re in the financial position to do so.

Electronic Music Is Hit Hard

The piece explains:

While serious illness and loss of life are the main tragedy of this virus, it is taking an economic toll as well, eliminating people’s ability to make a living in a vast range of industries and communities.

Electronic music is no exception. Club nights and festivals are being cancelled or postponed in huge numbers to slow the spread of the virus. In some countries, all businesses other than grocery stores and pharmacies have been forced to close. Everyone affected by these events, including record shops, record labels, artists, agents, promoters and the innumerable staff who work on the door, behind the bar and elsewhere at clubs and festivals, simply don’t know how they’ll pay their bills in the months ahead. If these people and organisations can’t stay afloat in the short term, there won’t be a scene for us to enjoy in the future.

Nightlife is not a massively profitable industry. Many promoters and venues pay their rent and bills with their month-to-month cash flow. And with requirements to stay at home enacted across the world, venues are shuttering their doors and promoters have their work on pause for the foreseeable future. We cannot last long if everyone asks for their money back, leaving our beloved clubs and favorite promoters struggling to stay in the green.

The industry needs your support.

More Resources To Aid The Industry

RA has also even gone as far as gathering resources to help for those in the industry that have been affected by this global crisis. If this sounds like something in which you’re willing to partake, check out that list here.

This statement is absolutely worth the read. It puts into perspective the economic—and really, cultural as well—damage our current situation will have on venues, promoters, and musicians across the globe. You can read the full piece here.