RADIORGASMO Releases A New Indie-Electro Single And Music Video Titled “Joker”

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RADIOGASMO is a music band that loves to mix the unmixable, and loves to blend rock, clubbing beats, classical tunes and even acoustic lullabies just in one same pot. The motto of this band is “Reform the system through art” and following this intention, they have been creating a fascinating and much-needed anti-racist mixture of vibes and moods.

The main idea of this project is making the kind of music that is free from any boundaries and labels, a music that is wild and carries a free spirit and goes beyond music itself. The artists believe that music and art in general have a great power and RADIOGASMO is able to use music as a tool to distill socio-political messages.

Following their previous releases The Lo-Fi Sessions (2015), On My Way (2018), Pilgrims (2019), and Radiorgasmo (2019), “Joker” is their latest project which displays their rapidly developing art, and is the first track of their upcoming album “Information Is Power”. Joker is the exquisite combination of alternative, indie, psychedelic, rock, and experimental music but more than anything, is the type of music that you know at first listen that it is coming right from their souls.