R. Kelly Ex Asante McGee Claims She Was Groomed By ‘Sex Trainer’ Assigned By The Singer

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is back in headlines after it was announced that a follow up to the scathing  documentary will be released. Although many from the have declined to appear in the second, it’s not stopping them from telling their truth on their own.

On Wednesday (Dec. 11), “The Dr Oz Show” released a trailer for the forthcoming interview with and during the interview, the disgraced singers ex opens up about the bizarre lesson that he assigned her a month prior to moving into his Georgia home.

“Even before moving to the house, one of the earlier things that he showed me, maybe like a month before moving me to the house, he introduced me to the trainer,” McGee said. “I was told, she’s someone to teach me how to please him. So basically, she would give me instructions ually how to please him, what he liked and what he didn’t like.”

As if that wasn’t strange enough, the aspiring singer also revealed that her spontaneous move to Georgia from her home state of Oklahoma wasn’t planned, stating that R. Kelly told her that she was going to move into his home after she came to visit him one weekend.

“[I] arrived at his house, and he said, ‘Welcome home,’” Asante continued. “It was not up for discussion or anything, I was just told.”

McGee then went on to state that on the day she moved into his Atlanta home, she was greeted by the trainer and also R.Kelly’s longtime girlfriend, .

“When we got to the home, it was me, the trainer, and Azriel there. We was together, we arrived at the house, [Kelly] showed us the bedrooms and everything, and from that moment, that’s when he just started giving me the rules every day, because I remember having to go to the bathroom, to the kitchen, wherever, you had to knock on.”

Asante McGee is one of several accusers who have come forward accusing the disesteemed singer of over a period spanning more than 20 years. As previously reported, in May R. Kelly was charged with a total of 11 counts of ual assault and more recently was charged with a federal worker back in 1994 to obtain a .

R. Kelly has vehemently denied all charges.

Check out the trailer for the Asante McGee’s appearance on the “Dr. Oz Show” obtained by Page Six below.

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