Prime Sinister: 50 Cent Jokes About 2020 Presidential Run

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is riding his new debt collector persona until the tires fall off. His newest ploy has him hinting as having a future in politics.

The G-Unit Records CEO is now alluding to running for office in 2020. He laid out the jig on his Instagram with a mock up presidential advertisement that resembled Barack Obama’s iconic “Hope” poster designed by artist Shepard Fairey. The slogan read “2020 NO ONE WILL EVER DARE OWE AMERICA AGAIN! FOFTY FOR PRESIDENT”.

His caption, which included a shot at the current POTUS and his reluctance to reveal his financial earnings, was equally hilarious. “All debts will be paid by Monday, no more loans and no your not gonna see my taxes 🤨LOL”.

This epic troll run stems back to the having to press television producer Randall Emmett for some monies owed. Once he saw the missing dollars brought out the old Boo Boo, he paid up and quickly apologized direct message. So quickly he haphazardly mistype Fif’s name as Fofty and at that moment a legend was born.

Check out the post below.

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