Premiere: SnowTown Releases New Album Titled Ghost

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Salt Lake City based artist Jesse Garcia, the man behind the SnowTown band, just released his new album entitled Ghost, after dropping “Roses” and “Nervous” as teasers for the album. Counting hundreds of thousands of plays, the two singles proved to be extremely appealing for listeners who impatiently waited for the full album to be released. 

We are extremely happy to announce that Ghost is out today on the airwaves. Ghost features SnowTown‘s Jesse Garcia at his sharpest and most profound, and while we are used to experienced artists delivering incredible performances, the young artist unleashes his emotions so powerfully we couldn’t help but mention it.  

Diagnosed with depression when he was thirteen years old, Jesse Garcia turned his curse into a sharp weapon, driving most of his songwriting from his negative experiences to then translating them into a vivid creative force showcased all over Ghost tracklist. 

Blending R&B, rock, and rap into his own signature piano driven sound, SnowTown is clearly stating his musical ambition with Ghost, an album that will surely help cement his rise in the music scene in 2019. 

Stream the album below, and follow Snowtown on: