PREMIERE: Scarlet Sails – My Love

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scarlet sails

Scarlet Sails – a NYC based artist to watch out for has new music and chill vibes. A more acoustic chanteuse and more ethereal mellow tune (more or less) titled ‘My Love’.

A record filled with such positive vibes with a beautiful chorus and lyrics.

Notable lyrics:

“Cuz anytime that we could
And anytime that we would
And anytime we had a chance to escape
We’ve chosen to stay”

This track could make you laugh, can make you cry, can make you feel bliss, can bring back memories of a lover, or someone you wished you had the courage to take a chance with.

We imagine – buried so deep in thoughts – the world we live in today. How beautiful our world is, positive spirits, peacefulness.A constant rhythm is heard as fingers dance between the guitar strings. The rhythm keeps playing. You don’t want to leave. Just a few more minutes. The guitar you were playing rests besides you, yet you hear it clearly. The melody is all around you.

scarlet sails

A rising act to watch out for – Scarlet Sails – led by Olya Viglione, who left Russia in her early years following the American dream. This record is definitely putting her on the map!

Go ahead and listen – dig it!

 Grab everything you can at her Spotify – all of it is necessary listening.