Premiere: Ruhmoan Releases Much Anticipated Debut EP Different Animal


After teasing us with the release of “Payday” feat Casanova of Roc Nation, Ruhmoan finally delivers his full debut EP titled Different Animal.

Outside the box and evocative vocal textures perfectly paired with grooving rhythm attacks, immediately distinguish Different Animal as a powerful seven-piece working in a disruptive urban vein. If you listen deeper, however, there’s even more to hear and notice. Ruhmoan is more than capable of unleashing torrid Hip-Hop/R&B music, sharp enough to calm down your head, but he likewise has a penchant for building steamy romantic moments and sonic landscapes hard to find in other artists’ music. The wide-ranging variety of sounds attest to his desire to offer listeners a well-rounded release, with his voice maintaining a strong emotive edge with this performance, and the result is mind-blowing. Ruhmoan simultaneously dropped a music video for the EP’s sixth track “Excited”, offering viewers a fiery romance, and listeners a memorable eargasm.

This is top quality work from a very intriguing young artist, and hopefully his debut EP Different Animal be the first of many efforts he’ll treat urban music fans around the world in the coming years.