Premiere: New EP Release By Pat Mac, Wait On is For Everyone

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After giving us a glimpse of his talents with the track “Hollow,” Pat Mac has gathered his skills to release the 5-track EP Wait On.

The Australian singer Pat Mac launched his career with the punk-pop anthem, setting his fans ready for the clubs. His recent track was much too relatable and drove many listeners his way for his raw honesty and perfect depiction of reality.

After giving his audience a taste of his talents, fans were more than excited to hear the unveiling. Demonstrating skill set and versatility with stimulating singles and slower-paced ballads, Pat Mac is sure to gather the recognition he deserves with this EP.

For more laid-back guitar-riffed ballads, listeners will enjoy the tracks “Forevermore” and “Mobile Siren.” However, the artist has not let go of his pop-punk approach to music, and it is clearly visible on the tracks “Wait On,” “Hollow,” and “Just Saying.” This implied diversity within the EP helps the artist to reach a wider span of audiences.

Pat Mac’s childhood was filled with old classic rock songs as his father played them on his acoustic guitar. The artist still uses the same guitar to this day. Besides being an excellent singer-and-songwriter, Pat Mac is also a proficient multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar and drums.

While he did not start off as a musician, his detour through the events scene for the biggest car and sporting events in all of Australia pushed him to pursue his own career. His style is best defined as Decaf Pop Punk, as he displays a modern combination of instrumentation and close-to-heart songwriting. He relies a lot on his personal experiences—as shown on his track “Hollow”—to retrieve inspiration for his songs.

Pat Mac’s original skills at writing thought-provoking lyrics and delivering them onto deep melodies are much needed in the industry.