Premiere: Nervous City | Nervous Self Releases Dreamy Lo Fi Song Titled “Stories Of Our Name”:

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Founder of Nervous City | Nervous Self, Swedish singer/songwriter and poet David Josephson premieres his latest song today on Nuevo Culture, a dreamy Lo Fi song featuring some of the most beautiful vocals we’ve heard in a while. 

The poetry delivered throughout the track is just deeply moving, as Nervous City | Nervous Self proves he is a true artist capable of creating a near-perfect harmony between the lyrics and the music he’s created.

“Stories of Our Name” is a “hymn to the wanderers of the world. People who, like migratory birds, sets off towards the horizon with their names as only luggage. People who, not by outer oppression, but by inner pressure, are forced out of their homes in order to search for a home, and to fill the void of their names with a story.” 

Blending meditative soundscapes with poetic lyrics, and imagining a sound that would best be described with words as a mix of shoegaze, vaporwave, post-rock inspired vibes, and truly hypnotic dreamy Lo Fi sonic textures, the extremely talented emerging artist has created a soon-to-be-classic track set to spark mass appreciation among dedicated music lovers. 

Following-up in full-force on “G-d knows what,” “Stories of Our Name” will surely help cement the rise of Nervous City | Nervous Self in 2019. 

Have a listen to “Stories of Our Name” below, and follow Nervous City | Nervous Self on Social Media: