Premiere: Emerging R&B Singer-Songwriter Gabriela Releases Debut Single Titled “Grow Up”

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Nashville, TN-based r&b singer-songwriter Gabriela releases her debut single titled “Grow Up. The 20 year old emerging artist was born and raised in McAllen, TX, and started singing as a child.

At only 8 years old,  and started writing down her lyrics, and over the years, her passion grew stronger to lead her where she stands today, the day of her debut release. She knew she wanted to have a career in music since she was 10 years old, and with a strong dedication and determination, and therefore worked hard on developing her songwriting skills and finding her signature sound throughout the years. 

 “Grow Up” is an impressive debut single  in which Gabriela talks about the struggle moving forward in one’s self-development despite having people in your life that constantly push you back to the same toxic habits you are trying to break from. Through the lens of someone dealing with their significant other, Gabriela’s “Grow Up” is universally relatable and beautiful to listen to simultaneously. 

A call for maturity to her partner, “Grow Up” wonderfully expresses Gabriela’s awareness and development as a young adult, well determined to not let her time be wasted by anybody. 

“Grow Up” is a wonderful debut r&b single by Gabriela, who sets the bar high by blending with utmost sophistication her gorgeous vocals with flawlessly produced r&b soundscapes.  

Gabriella thinks that “ “Grow Up” shows that loving yourself means knowing what you deserve in a relationship and asking for the love you would give another to be returned, otherwise it may not be progressive to reaching your fullest potential in all areas of life.” 

Inspired on multiple levels by artists she looks up to like, SZA, Taylor Swift, Selena Quintanilla, Kendrick Lamar, and Norah Jones, Gabriela is currently working on the recording of her debut album, and after listening to “Grow Up,” we are extremely excited for that next big news!